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CallasCallas 6 years ago
For your comment on the Shalimar photo thank you. Yes, it is a miniature ;)
GreysolonGreysolon 8 years ago
I’m letting everyone who has played the “Guess that Scent Game” know that the game has been moved to a more appropriate place in the Forum. You’ll now find “Guess that Scent” in the Miscellaneous section. Look forward to seeing our scent sleuthing friends in our new location.
DutchSnifferDutchSniffer 8 years ago
Inderdaad, heel anders.. helaas nog wel erg stilletjes maar nu weet je dus waar toch best een grote groep mensen met stille trom naar toe is vertrokken.
ALleen heb ik de indruk dat ik velen vaker zie op Facebook dan hier. Vooralsnog vind ik het NLse forum wel heel gezellig! Dat houden we hoop ik ook zo!
CindyrellaCindyrella 8 years ago
Hoi hoi! Jawel, it's me :) Ik ben me nog enorm aan het oriënteren hier, het is heel anders dan fragrantica. Groetjes!!
DutchSnifferDutchSniffer 8 years ago
before the car, we used the 2 Brompton for a holiday: a medium backpack on back and small pack on front, cycle to/from railway station and then to to campsite or hostel.. dump luggage and trek around on same bicycle. Does Schönes Wochenende still exist?
ApiciusApicius 8 years ago
That's what the Brompton bike is really good at. I used my Bike Friday for touring during summer holidays, and I try not to carry lots of luggage. Being lightweight is the main advantage of these bikes anyway.
DutchSnifferDutchSniffer 8 years ago
no, don't cycle much anymore at all.. within city limits it is walking, the most it gets used is as a mule/donkey to carry grocery bags full with parcels! And then cycle home. Further out the car rules. But.. it got used TONS in the past and still love having it esp for visiting cities w very expensive parking!
DutchSnifferDutchSniffer 8 years ago
Apicius, I'm not familiar with these types.. will check them out. Delilah isn't made anymore. Don't remember whether they still had them when I had mine built up in 2003. Radical is not mentioned.. makes me wonder whether the M-Gineering still exists. The other touring/randonneuring bicycle I own , was made by a shop that closed its doors in 2010 or so. The market is totally ruined by 'free employer bicycles': there is no money given to people who cycle to work, only a bicycle! What if you already have/own a great one, huh?
Mind you, the last time I've cycled anything over 10K was December 2003. Became very ill in Jan 2004 and have not cycled more than 25K tops.. where I used to do a minimum of 8000 K /year (about 1995-2003). The Airnimal was a purchase in 2003 and I was supposed to do Paris-Brest-Paris on it.. alas, it got stolen in April.
ApiciusApicius 8 years ago
I see, I suppose you do not use your Brompton too often then.
ApiciusApicius 8 years ago
Have you ever come across the Delilah and the Radical Cityflitzer by M-Gineering? Would love to try them! http://www.m-gineering.nl/mindexg.htm
ApiciusApicius 8 years ago
Oh yes, Brompton is cool! Read my review of Blenheim Bouquet!
FlaconneurFlaconneur 8 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo, DutchSniffer. Nice to have you with us.
DutchSnifferDutchSniffer 8 years ago
thansk everyone!
There are tons of neat features here.. missing a lot of the visuals on the other website, but loving some of the stuff that is possible here!
Thanks for pushing me over the edge Guusje & Pipette!
GuusjeGuusje 8 years ago
hai hai, welcome here! :D
PipettePipette 8 years ago
Hi, DutchSniffer, have fun.
ApiciusApicius 8 years ago
Hello DutchSniffer, welcome to Parfumo! I wish you a lot of fun here!