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AolaniAolani 1 year ago
Dear Heavenly
thank you so much for appreciating my fotos! It makes me happy - because I really like your pictures!
Have a nice time
Lavendel18Lavendel18 1 year ago
Hello my dear,

thank you for visiting my pictures! It makes me very happy!

Kind regards
HibernationHibernation 2 years ago
Hello dear,
thank you so much, too :) It was a nice swap-experience and I hope we will meet again some time.
Heavenly85Heavenly85 2 years ago
@Fresh21, you are welcome! :) Regarding the language I don`t think it`s going to happen soon, the translator is my friend for now.
Fresh21Fresh21 2 years ago
Hi, Heaven,
thanks for your photo-feedback and award! This fun-pic is related to a great photo-event I made a couple of weeks ago within this community which several of my recent blogs refer to. It started to state my enthusiasm about all the talented photo-artists here and ended up in a kind of competition and another "blog-event" to honor them ... Please learn German soonest ;-)
Heavenly85Heavenly85 2 years ago
Hello and thank you! :)
Exciter76Exciter76 2 years ago
Hello there and welcome to Parfumo! ☆