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NotirotiritoNotirotirito 31 days ago
Thanks for a nice deal María. Your personalized items are top. BEST regards.
AnbeeAnbee 23 months ago
Dear Maria
Thank you so much for the perfume and all the lovely gifts you are very kind.. many thanks
LidahrigaLidahriga 24 months ago
Thanks for wonderfull perfume and all the goodies. You are the best.
Regards, Linda
RazamottiRazamotti 2 years ago
Dear Nikolina,
Thank you for your great kindness and patience.
I am happy that you recieved your parcel safely.
I wish you a happy 2018 and let you be the best smelling lady in town ;)
LiisaLiisa 2 years ago
I received a lovely shipment from you, it really made my day, thank you!

Everything arrived safely, beautifully wrapped and carefully chosen extras too. I really look forward to return some day :-).
TrippilippiTrippilippi 2 years ago
Dear Nikolina,
thanks for a perfect trade, I hope to deal with you again
GeorgeMarasGeorgeMaras 3 years ago
Nice to find you here my dear friend '
0701200007012000 3 years ago
Dear Nikolina thank you so much for the perfume you gave to me as a gift.My sister loves it!! You are such a wonderful friend!!
My love to you and to your family!!
0701200007012000 4 years ago
Dear Nikolina I will never forget that thanks to you I got my favourite perfume!!
But not only that thank you so much for all the samples you gave me and for the trust and the support from the beginning!
I am so lucky to have you!
I wish the best for you and for your beautiful family too!
With all my love, Anastasia
CincyCincy 4 years ago
Thanks Nikolina for your comment. Very kind of you.
AtqaAtqa 4 years ago
Thank you for the lovely welcome message!
PipettePipette 5 years ago
Good morning, Nikolina, thanks for posting to the "Love, the Key to Life" topic. I looked at your collection and found many of the perfumes that I personally love. So, hopefully, the blind buy of "Love, the Key to Life" may not be a mistake and I shall love it, too.
TarTar 5 years ago
I did something unforgivable when I was young, in the high school. My mother decided to not use up Poison Hipnotic, because it was too sweet for her. I carried it to the school and sprayed it to the guys in my class :D You can imagine... they ran like they life would be in danger :D
TarTar 5 years ago
Thank you for your comment on Pure Virgin. Can you imagine to spray it to a man? :-) What is the worst fragrance for a man in your opinion?
GraziaGrazia 5 years ago
Hello Nikolina,

i wish you all the best for 2015!!!
ScentedSalonScentedSalon 5 years ago
Nice to meet a fellow perfume lover. I especially like your family pictures.
Miki68Miki68 5 years ago
it is Always a pleasure to be in contact with person like you...thank you for trusting me and being a so nice person...i wish you all the best ,Miki
GothicHeartGothicHeart 6 years ago
Kala Xristougenna patriotaki!!!
TurandotTurandot 6 years ago
Thanks for your Comment. Now is it past, because I`m in pension.
HayvenHayven 7 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo. Pretty name!

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