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AnessaAnessa 9 months ago
Thank you for your beautiful haiku, I think I'll keep it as a memo in my notebook, I thought it could be understood as Parfumo being the big umbrella? :)
ScentFanScentFan 11 months ago
Hello, Opomone. Thanks for the comment on my review. MEM is such an achievement it inspired me.
GothicHeartGothicHeart 21 months ago
Ce soir, la lune rêve avec plus de paresse...
Et pour le soir suivante...Et pour celle d'après aussi...
Mille mercis...
ElysiumElysium 2 years ago
Good evening Opomone. I was glad to find your comment on my wall, thanks. Yes, I love fragrances since were I was a teenager, I used to guess which scent people were wearing. Now I like collecting them, I have more than 100 in my closet, and usually 10 to 15 of them for my daily mood. Have fun! Gianluca
GothicHeartGothicHeart 2 years ago
We absolutely share the very same criteria about perfume reviews (or reviews in general). For a moment I thought that you've never stuck your nose in Samsara's elegant neck, since she's nowhere to be found in your collections, but then I saw her in your "tested" section. I just wish she was one of the old and mighty clear glass dames. Perpetual thanks...
ApiciusApicius 5 years ago
Bonsoir OPomone, et bienvenue à Parfumo! Je vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir ici!