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JubliantJubliant 6 years ago
Just perusing back to the Fragrance world, glad to see you are still reviewing!
ScentFanScentFan 6 years ago
Sherapop, I went back and discovered I've been confusing Lily with Lily of the Valley all along! It's the latter I've been strongly disliking in perfumes. That's going to save me some blind buy mistakes. Many thanks!
DulcemioDulcemio 7 years ago
I guess Vidi needs to stay rare, huh? Or scarce, even better? :-)
CincyCincy 7 years ago
Happy Holidays to you Shera.
SorceressSorceress 7 years ago
Hi there, thank you for posting to my blog Sherapop. I did reply to your comment. May you have a very happy Holiday Season!
AggelikiAggeliki 7 years ago
Thank you Sherapop!!!
PBullFriendPBullFriend 7 years ago
So glad to see you back to reviewing, Sherapop! :)
DulcemioDulcemio 8 years ago
Reading your review of Calypso, I now have the word that's been eluding me when trying to characterize the type of orientals I prefer. Not "dramatic" or "obnoxious" or "in yo face," no, they are "insistent"!!

Several of my loves are very insistent!
SherapopSherapop 8 years ago
Just testing, Dulcemio: off to the bath! ;-) phew!
DulcemioDulcemio 8 years ago
Words one just does not expect to read, ever: "Sherapop is wearing WONDERSTRUCK"
What the WHAT??? LOL!
DulcemioDulcemio 8 years ago
I am madly in love with Oliver.
GreysolonGreysolon 8 years ago
I’m letting everyone who has played the “Guess that Scent Game” know that the game has been moved to a more appropriate place in the Forum. You’ll now find “Guess that Scent” in the Miscellaneous section. Look forward to seeing our scent sleuthing friends in our new location.
DutchSnifferDutchSniffer 8 years ago
You could totally make a fan page on FB for HRH! He's gorgeous even w/o the parfum bottles.
Even our mundane black & white cat has her own group on FB!
GirasoleGirasole 8 years ago
I think that's the first time we're online at the same time :))) Online Christmas shopping? Ganz liebe Grüße, G.
GoldGold 8 years ago
1000 profound reviews: THANK YOU and congrats!

I admire your style of writing and always enjoy reading you. Btw, I'm with MNQ on the should get your stuff published in book-form. You're one of the best writers on the subject around - and I read a lot in the field.
SeatonicaSeatonica 8 years ago
Just want to make it clear that I love kitties ;)
DulcemioDulcemio 8 years ago
I'm another of your many fans. Here and over at the other place, I always scroll hoping to find your review in the mix and am disappointed when I don't. But hey, you can't review everything, can you! :-)
PerfumecrazyPerfumecrazy 8 years ago
Hi Sherapop - also a huge fan! So glad to find this website. BTW - love your photo collection - Perfumes and Cat. My first thought is... is it really you writing those reviews or are you simply channelling your cat (who seems very deep in thought in each shot)? The Lobsang T. Rampa and Mrs Fifi Greywhiskers of the perfume world? :)
SeatonicaSeatonica 8 years ago
Hi sherapop you don't know me but I'm a fan - look forward to reading you here :)
Thanks Sherapop. Best Wishes :)
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