Fabergé (Eau de Parfum Impérial) - Fabergé

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SnifferSniffer 3 years ago
Base Notes: Iris, Moschus, Patchouli, Sandelholz Moschus, Patchouli, Sandelholz
SnifferSniffer 3 years ago
Heart Notes: Gewürznelke, Ginster, Jasmin, Gartennelke, Osmanthus, Rose, Veilchenblatt madagassische Gewürznelke, Jasmin, Gartennelke, bulgarische Rose, Damascone, Veilchenblatt
Franfan20Franfan20 3 years ago
Perfume Name: Fabergé Impérial (Eau de Parfum) Fabergé (Eau de Parfum Impérial)
SnifferSniffer 3 years ago
Year of Release: 1996 1997
SnifferSniffer 3 years ago
Top Notes: Bergamotte, grüne Blätter, Neroli, Orangenblüte, Ringelblume, Ylang-Ylang Bergamotte, grüne Blätter, Neroli, Orangenblüte, Ylang-Ylang
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Perfume Name Fabergé (Eau de Parfum Impérial) Brand Fabergé
Gender Female Year of Release 1997
AvailabilityDiscontinued Limited EditionNo
Perfumer Parent company Unilever
Fragrance Notes
Top NotesBergamotte, grüne Blätter, Neroli, Orangenblüte, Ylang-Ylang
Heart Notesmadagassische Gewürznelke, Jasmin, Gartennelke, bulgarische Rose, Damascone, Veilchenblatt
Base NotesMoschus, Patchouli, Sandelholz
Bottle Designer
Bottle Designer Robert DuGreiner
Interesting Facts
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German Translation
German Translation
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SnifferSniffer - 3 years ago
Fabergé ("concentration" Impérial) everywhere it appears on product, then.

I think it isn't necessary to deleted one of the Parfum entries.
The limited edition crystal "cobalt blue" perfume bottle made by Cristallerie Saint-Louis:
can be changed into a collector's bottle of the regular Fabergé (Parfum), opening discussion/proposing correction here, to facilitate approval of the EdP correction:
Franfan20Franfan20 - 3 years ago
clearly changing it to this
Fabergé (Eau de Parfum Impérial)

but the double entry for the perfume needs to be deleted then
SnifferSniffer - 3 years ago
as sourced and discussed here:
Fragrance name is Fabergé (the Parfum was firstly launched in 1996 in diverse luxury collector's ítems and doesn't carry the word "Imperial"), "Imperial" was used for a more "affordable" product line called "Faberge Parfum Imperial Collection" (see source) including EdP, EdT and other care products.
Question is should we keep "Fabergé Imperial" for EdP, EdT or change it to "Fabergé (Eau de Parfum Impérial)?!
Imo the 1996 introduced Parfum concentration should be "Fabergé (Parfum)"!?