4MBR0X1D3 / AMBR0X1D3 - Zara

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Franfan20Franfan20 9 months ago
Perfume Name: 4MBR0X1D3 / AMBR0X1D3 4MBR0X1D3
SnifferSniffer 9 months ago
Perfume Name: 4mbr0x1D3 4MBR0X1D3 / AMBR0X1D3
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Revision by Sniffer - 9 months ago
Perfume Name 4MBR0X1D3 / AMBR0X1D3 Brand Zara
Gender Male Year of Release 2019
AvailabilityIn production Limited EditionNo
Perfumer Parent company
Fragrance Notes
Fragrance NotesKardamom, Sandelholz, Veilchen
Bottle Designer
Bottle Designer
Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts (German)
Interesting Facts (English)
German Translation
German Translation
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Vimeo Link

SnifferSniffer - 9 months ago
name should be written in uppercase letters, and maintain the intended effect of resemblances of numbers with the respective uppercase letters

"AMBR0XID3" on bottle