Gardenia - Lander

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Perfume Name Gardenia Brand Lander
Gender Female Year of Release
AvailabilityDiscontinued Limited EditionNo
Perfumer Parent company
Fragrance Notes
Fragrance Notes
Bottle Designer
Bottle Designer
Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts (German) Der Duft wurde zunächst von Elizabeth Post vertrieben. 1934 kaufte die Firma Lander die Lizenzrechte für das gesamte Produktsortiment von Elizabeth Post.
Interesting Facts (English) The fragrance was first sold by Elizabeth Post. In 1934, Lander acquired the licensing rights for the entire Elizabeth Post product range.
German Translation
German Translation
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SnifferSniffer - 1 month ago
yes, in any case Elizabeth Post should be a separate brand, Samedi Soir e.g. was launched in 1952 under the Elizabeth Post brand (post 1934: after acquisition by Lander)

- Lander exists since 1920:
- Lander acquires Elizabeth Post in JAN 1934

No record found for a pre 1934 Gardenia by Lander. If sources pop out in the future, this might be an issue.

To me it dosen't make much sense that the company marketed the same Gardenia fragrance under the Landerbrand and the acquired Elizabeth Post brand. That's why I think they should have 2 separate Gardenia entries, each under their own brand.
Franfan20Franfan20 - 1 month ago
I can't restructure the sources the exuser used to enter these 4 fragrances and why it was tagged and texted this way.

Lander existed prior to Elizabeth Post and bought the company later.

We have evidence that at least Gardenia and Spice Bouquet were later marketed by Lander, regardless of their initial strengths, bottles and labels. This is something we can hardly recover for this brand.

I couldn't find anything that hints at Samedi Soir and Conversation being available under Lander.

We can list Elizabeth Post with these two scents as a separate brand, but keep Gardenia and Spice Bouquet here with a revised proper info text.
Franfan20Franfan20 - 1 month ago
Post, Elizabeth
Fifth Ave, New York; launched Samedi Soir in 1952 and Spice Bouquet in 1935; associated with Lander of New York