Shooting Stars - Ibitira - XerJoff

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Gabbs365Gabbs365 8 months ago
Heart Notes: florentinische Schwertlilie, Neroli, bulgarische Rose, weiße Blüten florentinische Schwertlilie, Neroli, bulgarische Rose, weiße Blüten, Iris
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Perfume Name Shooting Stars - Ibitira Brand XerJoff
Gender Unisex Year of Release 2007
AvailabilityIn production Limited EditionNo
Perfumer Jacques Flori Parent company
Fragrance Notes
Top NotesOrangenblüte, Veilchenblatt, italienische Zitrone
Heart Notesflorentinische Schwertlilie, Neroli, bulgarische Rose, weiße Blüten
Base NotesBourbon-Vanille, Moschus, haitianisches Vetiver, Zedernholz
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Bottle Designer
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German Translation
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AnessaAnessa - 8 months ago
"Delicate and elaborate, Ibitira flourishes with its Haitian vetiver, Iris from Florence, Bulgarian rose and sparkling citrus accord.
Romantic and sensual Ibitira also exhibits a strong personality with a thriving floral and exuberant semi-aldehydic facet.

Ibitira starts with a fresh and sweet accord. Seamlessly, the nose travels from Italian lemons through to the petit grain and Neroli, followed by rose; finally hitting the high point with Florentine iris. Prolonging the woody facet of iris, the finish consists of sensual touches of cedarwood and vetiver combined with vanilla and musks."

Florentine iris already listed