Rain - Commodity

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Perfume Name Rain Brand Commodity
Gender Unisex Year of Release
AvailabilityIn production Limited EditionNo
Perfumer Ketrin Leka Parent company
Fragrance Notes
Top Notesgrüne Noten, Bergamotte, Zitronenverbene, Regen-Akkord
Heart NotesJasmin, Freesie, Lotus
Base NotesMoschus, weißer Amber, Hölzer
Bottle Designer
Bottle Designer
Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts (German)
Interesting Facts (English)
German Translation
German Translation Regen
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Base Notes: Moschus, weißer Amber, Hölzer weißer Amber, Water Musk, Sheer Woods
KbasileKbasile 3 years ago
Interesting Facts (English): PERFUMER'S INSPIRATION "I love to listen to the rhythm of the rain falling from the sky. It’s soothing, playful and refreshing, and for me, it creates a sense of happiness. As a child, I loved to walk in the summer showers and feel the droplets of water shimmering on my shoulders as sparkling dewdrops fell on the leaves and flower petals – bright, clean, shiny and fresh. It brings to mind a rainbow will always shine after the rain."
KbasileKbasile 3 years ago
Parent company: Unbekannt Comindex
KbasileKbasile 3 years ago
1. Perfumer: Donna Ramanauskas Ketrin Leka

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