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General Information
Proposal by Acidica - 14 months ago
Perfume Name Zemlya / Земля Brand Acidica Perfumes
Gender Unisex Year of Release 2018
AvailabilityIn production Limited EditionNo
Perfumer Elena Markova Parent company
Collector's BottleNo
Fragrance Notes
Fragrance NotesLehm, Raute, Zeder, Kardamom, Indische Narde
Bottle Designer
Bottle Designer
Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts (German)
Interesting Facts (English)
German Translation
German Translation Erde
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AnessaAnessa 14 months ago
Info by Anessa
Perfume Name: Zemlya (Earth) Zemlya / Земля
Franfan20Franfan20 14 months ago
Info by Franfan20
Fragrance Notes: Lehm, Raute, Zeder, Kardamom, Indische Narde
AnessaAnessa 14 months ago
Info by Anessa
German Translation: Erde

AcidicaAcidica 14 months ago
Official translation of the text from www.acidica.ru/theelements The Elements collection Earth Description: 100% natural, woody, herbal Main notes: mitti, rue, cedarwood, cardamom, nard The calmest and the most fundamental of all the Elements, Earth is never in a rush. It smells of slightly dusty road, warmed with the sun, and of the harvest, reminding of prosperity, beauty of the nature and paths to the horizon.