Crystal Love for Her - Attar Collection

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General Information
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Perfume Name Crystal Love for Her Brand Attar Collection
Gender Female Year of Release 2020
AvailabilityIn production Limited EditionNo
Perfumer Nuria Du Chene De Verde Parent company
Collector's BottleNo
Fragrance Notes
Top NotesRose, fruit mix
Heart Notesroyal white musk, Muskat, Schokolade
Base NotesBourbon-Vanille, Tonkabohne
Bottle Designer
Bottle Designer
Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts (German)
Interesting Facts (English) The conception of Crystal Love for Her and for Him is the elixirs of love, it is like a union of two lovers. The perfumers team was inspired by famous Middle Eastern legend about love between beautiful Leyla and Arab poet-bedouin Majnun. Once upon a time in Arabia the young man fell in love with Leyla. But the girl's father didn't let them to marry and organized her wedding with another man. When the poet find out about this he left his home and started to roam in the desert. His heart was shining from the sorrow and he wrote a poems in the sand about his beloved Leyla.
German Translation
German Translation
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