Rose (1996) (Eau de Parfum) - Caron

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Perfume Name Rose (1996) (Eau de Parfum) Brand Caron
Gender Female Year of Release 1996
AvailabilityDiscontinued Limited EditionNo
Perfumer Parent company Al├Ęs Groupe
Collector's BottleNo
Fragrance Notes
Top NotesMairose, bulgarische Rose, Zentifolie, Neroli
Heart NotesRose, Minze, Rosengeranie, Vetiver
Base NotesRose, Iris, Vanille, Sandelholz, Moschus, Bienenwachs
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Bottle Designer
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German Translation
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SnifferSniffer 6 days ago
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Base Notes: Rose, Iris, Vanille, Sandelholz, Moschus Rose, Iris, Vanille, Sandelholz, Moschus, Bienenwachs

Franfan20Franfan20 8 days ago
The success of this fragrance, that became a CARON reference, led to the creation in 1996 of an Eau de Parfum version.
so the image for this entry is wrong (given the fact that it was the only entry for the vintage previously)

In 1949, there were only Parfum and EdT versions as 1996 was the first time an EdP was created according to them.