Borneo Zen (Parfum) - Ensar Oud / Oriscent

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General Information
Proposal by Caligari - 2 months ago
Perfume Name Borneo Zen (Parfum) Brand Ensar Oud / Oriscent
Gender Unisex Year of Release
AvailabilityDiscontinued Limited EditionNo
Variant of the fragrance concentrationYes Parent company
Original PerfumeBorneo Zen Attar - Ensar Oud / Oriscent
Bottle Designer
Bottle Designer
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German Translation
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Franfan20Franfan20 2 months ago
Info by Franfan20
Perfume Name: Borneo Zen (Pure Parfum) Borneo Zen (Parfum)
CaligariCaligari 2 months ago
Info by Caligari
Perfume Name: Borne Zen (Pure Parfum) Borneo Zen (Pure Parfum)
CaligariCaligari 2 months ago
Info by Caligari
Availability: aktuell eingestellt

CaligariCaligari 2 months ago
7 Days ago, when I posted it here it was available. Now it is currently unavailable. I have corrected it.