Flirty Tease - Calgon

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General Information
Proposal by Madkat - 6 years ago
Perfume Name Flirty Tease Brand Calgon
Gender Female Year of Release
AvailabilityIn production Limited EditionNo
Perfumer Parent company
Collector's BottleNo
Fragrance Notes
Top Notesrote Johannisbeere, Orangenblüte, Gala-Apfel
Heart Notesägyptischer Jasmin, Maiglöckchen, Mirabelle
Base NotesVanille, Sandelholz, Atlaszeder
Bottle Designer
Bottle Designer
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German Translation
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WiseOwlWiseOwl 6 years ago
Info by WiseOwl
Base Notes: crystal vanilla, Sandelholz, Atlaszeder Vanille, Sandelholz, Atlaszeder
WiseOwlWiseOwl 6 years ago
Info by WiseOwl
Heart Notes: ägyptischer Jasmin, angelic lily of the valley, Mirabelle ägyptischer Jasmin, Maiglöckchen, Mirabelle
WiseOwlWiseOwl 6 years ago
Info by WiseOwl
Top Notes: rote Johannisbeere, orange flower blossom, Gala-Apfel rote Johannisbeere, Orangenblüte, Gala-Apfel