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List of old perfume houses ?

List of old perfume houses ? 9 years ago
Late last night I was google searching for the old perfume houses for a list of them. I found a few sites but they seem incomplete. I am looking for lists that mention both the long gone old perfume houses, the houses that were bought up by mayor companies like P&G , L'Oreal ,etc and the list of still existing old perfume houses.
Maybe there is a more complete list somewhere?
9 years ago
Hello Nerys,

Have a look at this fantastic list. Unfortunately it is near impossible to find additional information on these fragrances, but if you are only after names then you'll probably enjoy it: ies-and-their-Perfumes/10000000004222286/g.htm l
9 years ago
Nice list thanks.
9 years ago
I always start with Perfume Intelligence
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