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If you could have your own perfume/cologne ?

If you could have your own perfume/cologne ? 11 years ago
If you could have your own perfume, what would it contain ? Would it have your favourite notes, a smell of a sweet dessert or a memory of a holiday ?
11 years ago
Since I do not like just one fragrance style, this is a difficult question to me. I would rather not like to be reminded of a certain situation like a holiday for my own very special perfume. I would go for a perfume that underlines my presence. Something that does not tell stories about situations, landscapes, or even food.

A very good skin scent could do this job, something musky (but not too soapy). Or something that refers to the clothes you wear. I think there is a lot of potential of that kind still in the classic fougère accord.

Some of the newer releases of fougère in my opinion refer to the scent of garments, of dressing or bales of cloth. They could be ideal fragrances for men who wear sports jackets: "Abaci", "Sartorial", "Vétiver de Frédéric"
11 years ago
I would base my perfume concept on memories. It still amazes me how the sense of smell can triggers long forgotten inanimate objects and places. Many of those memory types can be shared experiences between many different people. It might be fun to try and create a common ground.
11 years ago
I think my perfume must contain my favorite notes.
Vanilla, Musk, sandalwood, cherries,
11 years ago
If I could create my own perfume, I would describe the person I wished to be to a perfumista and let him bring this aura into reality. The mere content of favorite notes would never lead to a satisfying result, because the magical moment would be missing. For example I love musk and gardenia, but I learned that these notes do not make a scent. It can either smell soapy, harsh, creamy, charming, clean etc. I do not automatically like all the perfumes that have dominant gardenia and musk in it. I rather love soft, magical symphonies. I like to enjoy the complex orchestra symphony rather than a small band, whose members I know.
The description of moods, landscapes, time of day and weather helps a lot as well. Referring to memories doesn't work for me, because they differ a lot depending on age, upbringing, culture and home country i.e. when memories are used for describing a scent, I often cannot relate to them.
So to answer your question, I wished to create a scent that contrasts my looks (dark and tall) and which would make my inner self (e.g.light, humble and nice) visible. So the description of a wanna-be person would work best for me- and in my case that would be for example: a fair princess from a fairy tale, a bride, a hidden beauty etc as in contrast to the dark, hot-tempered, seductive, vane woman Wink
11 years ago
I'm in a 'fundamental' chypré mood at the moment... I would want to push my current obsession Sous le Vent more into a dark dry hard-core chypré direction (base) without losing the brightness and fun of the top and heart - more oakmoss, a slightly more animalic touch plus labdanum partly replacing the patchouli and increasing the overall level I suppose.
11 years ago
I'd totally love to go and see a perfumista one day and have her create a perfume for me -- but that's probably out of my budget Sad

Some of my favorite notes in perfumes are fig (the green stuff), vanilla, amber, strawberry, gajac wood, teak wood and marshmallow.

It would probably smell just awful if you tried to combine them all in one fragrance Laughing
11 years ago
Blossom, Bergamot, Hay
Incense, Guaiac, Rosewood, Rose, Muguet
Agar, Musk, Labdanum.
11 years ago
I Call it Asylum
A Dark Boozy Leather Scent

Top Leather;

Middle Malt;

Base; Civet; Amber; Tolu Balsam; Oud;
Patchouli; & Cannibis
11 years ago
Oooh, Lola. That sounds dirrrrrty!

Have you ever tried the old Idole by Lubin? Very boozy & saffrony - might be your thing. (I don't have any to send, alas.)
11 years ago
Oooh, Lola. That sounds dirrrrrty!

Have you ever tried the old Idole by Lubin? Very boozy & saffrony - might be your thing. (I don't have any to send, alas.)

I Did have it but i swaped it last year
but I love it so
11 years ago
Since I always seem to be drawn to perfumes containing patchouli in one way or another - if you could say that about patchouli Laughing - of course it must contain just that. I love earthy, warm scents most of the time and I found my favourite at the moment!! Sophia - should anyone be asking.

Also I like "green" perfumes for the summer. Grassy, cedary, vetivery, mossy, leafy - nothing to squeeky green, more a relaxed water-soaked moss cushion after a rainfall green. That with a twist of patchouli could be nice. As long as it has a warm base everything is fine.

But on the other hand I love a lot of different scents as long as they are unique and make me feel good. Yeah, I know, I'm easy to please..... Cool
11 years ago
Following my mood of recent months, it would be quite a green tuberose. Idea ... but then I would have to also have a mellow vetiver, an incense, a rose and a patchouli.
10 years ago
Top Notes: Peony, Violet Leaf, Peach, Litchi, Mandarin, Quince, Magnolia

Middle Notes: Violet, Non-Indolic Jasmine, Pittosporum, Orange Blossom, Neroli, Apricot blossom, Stephanotis, Osmanthus

Base Notes: Vetiver, Lebanon Cedarwood, Japanese Cypress, Orris Butter, Oakmoss, Benzoin, Mysore Sandalwood, Kyara Grade Agarwood

If money were no object I would go running to Pierre Montale and say, "Price is no object. Please create something utterly magnificent; fresh, floral, smooth, creamy, rich, deep, sensuous, and profoundly elegant from the above list. Thanks!"

As a counterpoint to the magnificence of the scent, it should be named something ridiculous.

10 years ago
For people travelling to or living in France the perfume houses like Fragonard offer a perfume workshop making your own fragrance
see for info.
also perfumeworkshops at and
10 years ago
Over the years, I've collaborated with three different perfumiers in the creation of personal custom perfumes. Each perfume was very "me", but only in relation to who I was, as well as my tastes, at the time each was made. From these experiences, I have learned I would never have (or chose) one perfume.
10 years ago
If I had the possibility to have my very own perfume created I would adore an oakmoss-laden mixture between Knowing, Mitsouko and Azuree....if such a thing is possible at all.

For the days in autumn and winter I would wear the EdP and the Extrait and for hot summer days a light cologne of the same formula.
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