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Underappreciated Fragrances - which are yours?

Underappreciated Fragrances - which are yours? 9 years ago
This morning Elena Vosnaki published this article in her blog PERFUME SHRINE - r-radar-top-under.html?utm_source=feedburner&u tm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+PerfumeSh rine+%28Perfume+Shrine%29&utm_content=Yahoo%21 +Mail

I think that PARFUMS DE MARLY - "Safanad" is not as recognized as it deserves to be.

Which are your treasures under the radar?
9 years ago
Have you seen Sahbomnim's review of "Thallium Black"? It's a bit of a YouTube classic Wink link:

I always assumed (and am still assuming) that it is a spice+fruit+sweetness bomb. But when another guy reviewed it in a more serious way, he too said that it was good. I would like to smell it! Here's a spoof of the original review:
9 years ago
I must say that Micallef's "Avant Garde" is one of those underestimated frgrances. I just wore it and wrote a review.

Among the classic Eau de Colognes, I really appreciate "Eton College" by Taylor of Old Bond Street as one of the best, and so far, it is owned only by 2 Parfumo users!
9 years ago
"Padparadscha" by Satellite is an amazing fiery/spicy release over a sandalwood base that sells for very reasonable money but goes largely unnoticed.
Underappreciated Lovelies 9 years ago

Avon - TODAY
Elizabeth Arden - 5th AVENUE
Lalique - AMETHYST
Eau d'Italie - AU LAC
Neela Vermeire - TRAYEE
Neela Vermeire - MOHUR

PADPARASCHA by Satellite really is lovely. (Tested it the other day.) Very Happy
9 years ago
Chloe Narcisse

Avon Rare Rubies

Ellen Tracy Bronze

Any of the Elizabeth Taylor "Diamond" Series

Giorgio Red
9 years ago
"Dzhari" by Phaedon
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