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Fragrance finds on eBay

Fragrance finds on eBay 9 years ago
A collector is selling some stuff on eBay for reasonable prices:

Listed items included:
- Armani/Privé "Rose Alexandrie" (used)
- Shiseido "Euthrixine / Hanatsubaki" (used)
- Yves Rocher "Trimaran" edt (used)
- Pascal Morabito "Or Black" (used) apparently vintage (I'm super curious about that one...)
- Rochas Femme (used) Not sure which version...

Feel free to use this thread to post other finds on eBay!
9 years ago
The Or Black by Morabito is the same exact batch number of one of 2 bottles just delivered to me from an altogether different seller. The other bottle I bought is even a bit older.

I was lucky to get an amazing price on a bottle of Pancaldi Concentree.
9 years ago
This is Etsy, not Ebay, but look everyone, you can commission a watercolor portrait of Chanel No. 5! Laughing (Actually, this is kind of cool.) riginal-hand-painted?ref=sr_gallery_36&ga_sear ch_query=handpainted+watercolor&ga_view_type=g allery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=handmade
9 years ago
I like that Dulce. Cool
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