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A little help with Bandit please!

A little help with Bandit please! 9 years ago
So I was thinkin' what to give myself for birthday, browsing perfume shops etc, and I stumbled upon an individual selling 2nd hand vintage fragrances. Her wares look legit as far as I can tell, and the five bottles she's apparently sold to date all garnered 5* ratings from buyers.
Now to the point. She has a bottle of Bandit there, allegedly 95% full and not exactly in mint condition.
The version she's selling would've looked like the one in the pic, had it not been missing half of its front label. She claims it's the vintage EdT.
Three things look suspicious to me. First, she only wants about USD 75 for the 3.3 oz, whereas I saw the same bottle priced three times as much elsewhere(that other one is NIB though). Secondly, the spray nozzle looks dodgy. The seller specifies it as one of the flaws in her ad, but it still looks like it's been ripped out and then slapped back on (see pic with windowsill). And three... well, this is China after all, and sorry as I am for putting this so bluntly, fakes galore await at every corner.
On the bright side - and this is where my husband laughed out loud as if it weren't a sign of a true perfumista, this seller very cutely admits to loving Jolie Madame best of the green leather genre and wanting to just find a good home for her Bandit.

Me, I've only ever seen and smelled the modern EdP of Bandit. How does this EdT compare to it? Is it even vintage? Does 75 bucks for 3.3 oz look too good to be true or is 200 on the other site a rip-off?
Also, please look closely at the pic with the windowsill, it's possible to make out the level of liquid inside, are Bandit bottles normally filled all the way (there's supposedly about 95 ml in this bottle)? Or does it look a bit too full?
And finally, what do you think of the sprayer? Is it possible that it had been removed at some point or are these bottles prone to crooked sprays?

Any and every comment will be greatly appreciated Smile
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9 years ago
I know this version, it was sold in the 1990's - and it's BAD. It doesn't even smell like the "normal" vintage Bandit from the 50's/60's or the Bandit which came later (2000) and is still available now. Bandit happens to be my mum's siganture scent - and we've been through all the versions. The bottle on the picture is the only bottle my mother never used up, becuase it doesn't have much in common with the strong, leathery Bandit she was/is used to. Rather buy a NEW bottle than this version. Good luck!
9 years ago
Wow, thanks for the warning, Gold!
9 years ago
Wow, thanks for the warning, Gold!

You're welcome, ChapeauClack!!!!

(LOVERS of Bandit, UNITE!)
9 years ago
The EdT version with the golden cap was the one supposedly targeted at men. I remember vaguely that the box was kind of purplish, but I may be mistaken. In any case, the juice was indeed drier than the EdP and kind of uncouth. It was also different from my sample of the "true vintage" EdT.
9 years ago
Thanks, Epimedes!
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