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Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Silver Mountain Water by Creed 11 years ago
I wonder what the international opinon is on this. It was the first perfume that really impressed me .. still love it! Rolling Eyes

11 years ago
Check out my review, DonVanVliet. I tried to be fair but I just don't think I would purchase Silver Mountain Water. Longevity was poor on my skin and the dry-down was not exciting.
11 years ago
It's been a few years since I tried SMW, but I liked it then and I'm quite sure I would still like it.
11 years ago
I enjoy this fragrance but do not enjoy its lack of longevity. I have not found a reason to include it in my collection yet.
9 years ago
To me the black currant in this really sets it apart from other "fresh" scents. Yes there is a slight inky note, but to me that's what makes it unique and not something that is just run of the mill. I agree longevity could be better, but I have seen worse.
9 years ago
I've only recently discovered it (got a huge discount!) and think it's a fine scent.
Reminds me of a CK scent I used to wear years ago, but much more refined. It also shares a strange cold, inky, lactonic aspect with Blanc by Paul and Joe which I could never wear due to its harshness, but it was compelling nonetheless. I was very happy to discover it in SMW, this time smoothed out and easier to wear.

Perfectly unisex, it has great sillage and longevity and I cant wait for the warmer weather so I can really stretch my bottles' legs.

As for the hype? Meh. I've never bought into that side of perfumery and I probably wouldn't have purchased it if it wasn't on special. The price seems a tad bloated for this scent. Glad I took advantage of the discount when I did.
For some it has a personal meaning 9 years ago
It may be nice to read a beautiful personal story where this perfume was a part. ick.html

Scroll down to the fourth contribution of stories, "Scents My Sister Loved" - Essays by Mark David Boberick
9 years ago
Love it, my favorite fresh fragrance and my favorite creed so far. Interestingly, longevity is no issue on my skin, it usually lasts a full working day (8-9 hours). It's appropriately named, too, with its strangely appealing metallic aspect giving the scent some character. It's one of the very few fragrances that I'm finding myself actually buying again time after time.
9 years ago
I'm afraid it was a big fail for me. I think it is a lazy composition that is quite boring. One that will never be in my collection.
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9 years ago
I was very excited to try it, but after getting a sizable decant to give it a fair trial, I was disappointed. At one point, I was reminded of an inkjet printer.

I think perhaps some folks really click with Creed as a house, and others don't. I seem to be in the latter camp.
9 years ago
i had this and honestly it didnt impressed me so much
9 years ago
It's a nice refreshing summer or office scent, it's non-offensive.
9 years ago
It's on my wish list. Loved the top notes and the dry down, not so much for the heart though.
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