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Valentino Uomo

Valentino Uomo 9 years ago
"Valentino Uomo (Eau de Toilette) | Valentino", have you tried it yet ? when will it be available in europe ?
9 years ago
Got a sample, not tested yet. Should be available soon, check your department stores.
9 years ago
just bought it today i think its a great composition
9 years ago
It smells good and with a number of ingredients to make it interesting. But since I'm not fond of iris and gourmands it's not for me.
9 years ago
I've tested it twice now and found it a somewhat warmer alternative to Dior Homme. With the addition of hazelnut, which I think compliments the composition well. Since I already own Dior Homme, I felt Valentino Uomo was redundant.
9 years ago
Tried it on a tester strip in Las Vegas yesterday at their boutique. On paper it comes off as a slightly sweet chocolate hazelnut concoction with an iris-like silky smooth texture. Very refined, subtle and polished. I do get the comparisons to DH and DHI (two compositions that I dislike though respect) but strongly prefer the Valentino... At least on paper. I can't stand the gaudy bottle it comes in, but while this kind of style is not really my thing, I was impressed enough with the juice inside to definitely seek it out again later for a full skin test and possibly a purchase. Those that enjoy the style of DHI should absolutely get their nose on this one as it is a different composition completely, but has a similar vibe stylistically.
9 years ago
I sprayed this in-store a few weeks back & I did like it from what I recall. The bottle itself is worth the purchase. ntino_Uomo

V. Uomo Intenso 2 years ago

😀Uomo Intenso - pro mě chemická zbraň hromadného ničení

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