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Juniper Ridge Colognes

Juniper Ridge Colognes 9 years ago
From the first time I read about Juniper Ridge Colognes I've been interested in giving one of their fragrances a try. The underlying principle of the house is that they distill essences for their colognes from plants found in the back country of the western US.

Yeah, I'm a sucker for advertising. The idea of fragrances created directly from the smells I love best overwhelms my susceptible little brain with optimistic fantasies of finding the perfect scent.

This morning I was about to pull the trigger and place an order. But before I did, I decided to read a review on Now Smell This: idge-caruthers-canyon-and-siskiyou-backpackers -colognes-fragrance-reviews/

Not very a flattering review of the line or the Neanderthal views of perfumery put forth by the CEO Hall Newbegin.

Anyway, has anyone had a more positive experience with Juniper Ridge colognes? I'm still holding out hope Shocked
9 years ago
No. I have gotten a sample from Neiman Marcus . Unpleasant for me.
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