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Waning longevity over time?

Waning longevity over time? 9 years ago
Have any of you experienced the longevity of a well-stored, much-loved perfume waning from wearing to wearing over a period of time? Not only is the lifespan of the perfume on my skin less and less, I find myself having to spray more of the juice to get my usual "aura" going.

At first I wondered if it were some kind of habituation to the perfume on my part, so I've been going stretches of a week or more without using the particular perfume to try and get back to a neutral state. Unfortunately that didn't seem to make much difference.
I considered hat perhaps my sensitivity to some particular notes may be settling, but the perfume was a favourite of mine for a long time before this issue started cropping up. Nothing different with my skin or habits, either. It's quite the mystery. Sad
9 years ago
Yes, it happened and still happens to me and, just like you, I blamed it on my body getting too accustomed to it. I do not think so anymore but could not find an explanation. Maybe the perfume oil sets on top( like oil setting on top of water, alcohol tec.) and the scent is stronger and then you get more a diluted one. I have no idea.
9 years ago
Yes it happens with some but not all perfumes. I can't even put a finger on which ones (orientals, florals, etc.). But I do notice that although I may not smell them as well as I first did, others still do.
9 years ago
But I do notice that although I may not smell them as well as I first did, others still do.

I hope so! While I wear perfumes primarily for my own enjoyment, it does make me feel better if others can still smell them normally.
9 years ago
Which is precisely why I know I'm careful in application. Altho I may not smell a perfume as strongly as when I originally sprayed it, I know others don't have that problem. Unless I'm home alone. Then I can saturate myself if I want. Just kidding. Maybe.
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