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Jeanne Arthes Perfumes...

Jeanne Arthes Perfumes... 9 years ago
I can't find a similar topic, so I hope this isn't a repeat...

What are your favorite Jeanne Arthes scents and why? Tell me what you like about them. I'm just exploring this house a bit and there are so many...

Thank You. Very Happy
9 years ago
I like Private Room.It's a soft sweet scent.
9 years ago
I just bought "Guipure&Silk" in France (supermarché!) and I love it - it's very closely realted to "Hypnotic Poison" before reformulation.
"Sexy Boy" is a nice copy of "Gaultier LE MALE".
Both fragrances are very good quality - given the low price.
"Amore Mio Forever" is a fruity-floral which comes in a pretty vessel, it's slightly reminiscent of the lighter versions of "Nina" by Nina Ricci.
A blind buy of Jeanne Arthes is no risk. Very Happy
9 years ago
Here's another vote for Guipure and Silk. It's simply lovely. It's actually nicer than Hypnotic Poison, and the bottle is gorgeous. Sultane Noir Velours is a lovely jasmine-based fragance. I like Sexy Me No.1. too. It's a unique fruity floral gourmand with lychee and chocolate notes. Amore Mio is another nice one is you like fruity scents.

I agree that a blind buy is virtually risk-free. I've bought seven, and they're all nice. Their line of Jeanne D'Urfe fragrances are great too. Giselle is my favourite of those.
9 years ago
I only have a few but my favorite is "love never dies gold" it is a warm, slight sweet, earthy, almost dark floral on me with great sillage and lasting power.

I really enjoy her love generation series but they aren't great on lasting power.

I'm also dying to try Guipure & Silk..
9 years ago
I also like "Guipure & Silk". "Patchouli Sumatra" is good too, as is "Love Generation Rock" which smells like Givenchy's Ange ou Demon.
I don't care for "Love Generation Arts", it is like Lady Million.
8 years ago
I really enjoy Love Never Dies Black Jewel and Love Generation Rock. Fashion Victim and Love Never Dies Gold are nice as well.
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