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Could you recommended a fresh, sexy floral?

Could you recommended a fresh, sexy floral? 9 years ago
Hi there folks!

I'm looking for a floral that could stand the humid heat of summer but is also quite sexy. Niche preferred however, I'm completely open to other suggestions.

Thanks! Very Happy
9 years ago
"L'Instant Magic" by Guerlain.
9 years ago
"Grain de Soleil"

"Dolce Vita"
9 years ago
Water Calligraphy - citrus + flower.
Vert Pivoine - with good endurance.
Le Temps D'Une Fete - a real beauty
Parti Pris
Miss Marisa - flowers with mint
L'Eau de Rose
After Midnight - citrus + purple flowers
9 years ago
some lilac!

as for sexy, maybe it would be worth the while tracking down a sample of "Sicily"
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9 years ago

If you love rose.
9 years ago
+1 for "Le Temps d'Une Fete". I've been wearing this beautiful, green floral (hyacinth, narcissus, sandalwood) through the heat of summer and it never becomes sweet or cloying. It's become one of Mr Triffid's favourites on me.
Another floral niche that stands up to the heat is Frederic Malle's "Le Parfum de Therese" (but you would have to love the fresh melon note).
9 years ago
This one is what I would chose for myself, but it is less flowery:
Acqua Fiorentina
Totally fresh, light, strong, beautiful.
The Encore contains pepper, so I do not prefer that.
9 years ago
Oooh, I dare not recommend anything bc summers aren't very hot, much less humid, up here. But if you have the opportunity, check out some of the flankers to "Alien" - the whole range is, IMHO, incredibly sexy. I don't know about Sunessences, but "Alien Aqua Chic (2013)" is one of my favourite florals!
9 years ago
I have another niche suggestion (from my own wish list):
"Lumiere Noire pour Femme" by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. It might just meet your criteria for a summer-friendly floral with a bit of depth and sultry allure. I did not get the dark rose chypre that some reviewers describe, rather, on me it was all about springtime narcissus over a warm chypre base that is not heavy or sweet.
I find that "non oriental" base notes and "non white" flowers such as rose, narcissus, mimosa, hyacinth, cassia, lilac etc are much easier to wear in heat and humidity, but that might just be my personal taste.
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