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What fragrance group/s do you prefer ?

perfume groups 8 years ago
I like all perfume groups but my favorites tend to be orientals (all kinds, but I am partial to oriental vanillas) and chypres.
8 years ago
dont know how it happened but I seem to be a sucker for the leather/violet combo. but I am promiscuous, as you would expect from a leather/violet lover. The humble bee doesn't worry where it gets its pollen from.
8 years ago
I'm mad about citrus white florals with a light woody base, blue florals, and yellow florals dripping with honey and nectar on a base of musk, incense, or amber-
Generally speaking, the simpler and more natural, the better- and If the scent doesn't last longer than 4 hours, I'm not interested-
7 years ago
I like rich, thick, dense florals, musks, and earthy woods.
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