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Long Lost Perfume

Long Lost Perfume 8 years ago
Has anyone ordered from them? How true to vintage are the current issues?

I went ahead and ordered "Crepe de Chine" - a memory-loaded favorite of mine and when it comes, I will write about it. .html
They're pretty good especially if you nab a sale. 8 years ago
I have bought the LLP Casaque, Memorie Cherie,Tuxedo and Bond Street. I passed the LLP Bond Street to my mom as I didn't think I really needed both versions they were quite similar.I think that they are pretty close to the originals ( I have some of each of the last three mentioned) of course some things aren't duplicatable nowadays - nitro musks, some of the sources for raw matieriels just don't exist any longer due to extinction, over harvesting,or no market for the out of favor natural essence. Thus small family operations that farmed a product may no longer be there as the fashion for the product shifted they had to as well or not survive.
8 years ago
I was about to order Maroc a couple of weeks ago and it was not on their website any longer. I wrote to them and was told they had discontinued it. Sad
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