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alternative to Juicy Couture (perhaps niche)?

alternative to Juicy Couture (perhaps niche)? 8 years ago
I would love to provide someone I know with an alternative to JC that is similar but better. Doesn't have to be niche, just something with higher production values, IYKWIM.

Anything come to mind?
8 years ago
The reviews (which you've no doubt read) suggest that a clean tuberose scent is the place to start. This is a note I don't like/wear but surely others can help.....surely?
8 years ago
Thanks, Triffid.

Yeah, I figured I would get at least a couple suggestions of tuberose dominant scents. The lack of response gives me the impression that the constituency here isn't much into Juicy Couture. Fair enough. Smile
8 years ago
I was holding back because my opinion goes against the grain. I think of JC as more of a well crafted fruity floral than a tuberose perfume. For an accessible niche tuberose, "Do Son" would be my recommendation. It's fresh, green and not overly indolic. Not really similar to JC, however, so I haven't really helped you... sorry. However, she might like "Amor Amor" if she happens to be a fruity floral fan. Excellent perfume for that genre, IMHO.
8 years ago
Thanks, Cryptic. The fruity floral aspect of JC is kind of lost on me, I guess, because the tuberose simply demands the bulk of my attention. I find it sharp as a needle.

But the replacement will have to be somewhat fruity. She won't go for green.

Sorry! I don't think I'm makin' much sense! Laughing

Okay, so slightly fruity, with a tuberose-like element and not too green. I guess that would work! Very Happy
8 years ago
I think Burberry London is a contender
8 years ago
Dulcemio, I'm wondering if Lutens "Fleurs d'Oranger" might be a contender. Having not smelled Juicy Couture, I can't say if it's close enough (Cryptic, you're the Lutens expert!).
I mention it because, despite the name, there's more tuberose than orange blossom in it to my nose and it's quite strong and sweet (I don't really detect the listed cumin). I bought it after sampling a few times in store but finally gave it away to my sister (along with Versace Blonde) as she suited them better than I did.
There's no caramel or other gourmand excesses though.
8 years ago
@ Omni
Thanks! I will ask if she's tried Burberry London.

@ Triffid,

Hmmm, Fleurs d'Oranger sounds worth looking into. Thanks!
8 years ago
I've had another thought: "Douglas Hannant" by Robert Piguet. There are no reviews on Parfumo but it is tuberose dominant with a fruity/pear top note. Lighter, more modern and wearable than Fracas but again, may be nothing like JC.
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