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Guerlain - Shalimar Souffle de Parfum 8 years ago
Brand new. Yet another flanker of the original "Shalimar". r-souffle-de-parfum-new-fragrance/

So many, I am loosing count.

I had the original "Shalimar" and more recently, "Shalimar Parfum Initial" and still use "Eau de Shalimar".

"Shalimar - Ode a la Vanille - Sur la route du Mexique" is voted favorably by Parfumo members.

Which are your favorites and why?

Are you at all tempted to test the latest flanker?
8 years ago
As in another thread, it seems as though this is the replacement for the soon-to-be discontinued "Shalimar Parfum Initial". Still, I'm surprised that Shalimar keeps getting flankers, given that it's one of those untouchable classics. How many does Wasser intend on releasing?
8 years ago
I love the original and all of the flankers I have tried so far! Keep 'em coming! That's just me though. So far, I have Shalimar, Shalimar Initial, and Shalimar Initial Sensuelle. I have tested some of the "route" flankers and they are great, but just too similar to the original for me to spend money on them. That Shalimar Souflee is intriguing though. I'd buy it for the right price ($70 or under).
8 years ago
I have just purchased a large decant of the Initial EDP. It is very nice, and I'm sorry they will discontinue it, as it seems to be very popular. I have both Ode vanilla's..the Mexique, and the Madagascar. I love them both. The bottles, and the boxing is also beautiful! I would love to sample the newest addition! It certainly looks so appealing, the blue color etc.
7 years ago
Does anyone have this yet? If so, what is your impression? I cannot find it in the US, not sure if it's out here or not...
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