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M. Micallef Perfumes

M. Micallef Perfumes 8 years ago
The sample of "Art Collection - Rouge No. 2" is enticing, the full bottle - richly decorated - is a collector's piece. The price is steep.

I am so in love with Rouge No. 2.

Which other scents of that line are remarkable and worth sampling? Does she have a sample program?
8 years ago
I love "Art Collection - Rouge N°2" but it didn't last long enough on me. I labeled it a sweet, candy, gourmand, fruity, floral.

Out of four of their samples I only favored this one. There are so many from this house, I'd love to sample more.
8 years ago
Micallef is a remarkable brand, their perfumer Mr. Astier is very gifted.

Their style is a bit on the oriental and slightly opulent side, and many of Mr. Astier's creations contain a noticeable patchouli.

From the Art Collection series, I own the No. 203. I have to admit it is a bit too opulent for me to serve as an everyday perfume. There were only few occasions that I have worn this frag.
8 years ago
I was hoping for a sample program as well, Pipette. It looks like the brand is very expensive and they make custom bottles as well. Thair are of exclusivity makes me think that samples are not available. I only see some store-made ones made through LuckyScent; even so, they don't offer all of them.
8 years ago
My three favorites are (most sadly discontinued):

Le Parfum Denis Durand Couture
Yellow Sea
White Sea
5 years ago
The only Micallef scent I have sampled so far, is Patchouli. A lovely perfume, even though patchouli was fairly new to me at the time. If this is a representation of the overall quality of the brand, I think it may be well worth exploring further.
5 years ago
I love Ananda Smile
3 years ago
My favourites are Yellow Sea, Gaiac and Emir. Very pleasant are Ylang in Gold, Aoud, Aoud Gourmet, Style (underrated), Night Aoud, Ananda, Black Sea, Spicy For Him, Red Sea, Shanaan, Les 4 Saisons: Automne. Boring but not bad are Jewel, Avant Garde, Arabian Diamond. And the only I hate: White Sea.
I need stylish body spree. 3 years ago
Can anybody mention some brand name .
Micallef 1 year ago


Micallef 1 year ago


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