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Fragrances gifted to you, you don't love

Fragrances gifted to you, you don't love 8 years ago 1
If somebody gave you a so-so perfume as a gift, how long and how often would you wear it?

If it was awful, I would dump it. (No need to tell the giver.)

If it was something that does not quite go with me, I would wear it a few times, as a learning experience, after that, donate it to the shelves of the nearest Public Library.

If it was beautiful and something I always wanted, I would let the giver know, like forever, jump up and down.
8 years ago
Last Christmas I received such a fragrance, it was just not a good fragrance. I made sure to wear a significant portion of it (during moments that don't really matter). And used the rest as air freshener etc.
8 years ago
Nobody has ever gifted me perfume that I have not already mentioned desiring. If anyone ever did buy me something mediocre I would trade it to buy something more to my taste.
Perfume is a very personal thing - if someone is going to gift it blindly, they should be accepting of a swap.
8 years ago
I agree, perfume is a very personal thing. I have a friend who I want to give perfume to for her birthday, but the kind of fragrance she wants I can't figure out what would fit the bill.

If I received a perfume I didn't like, I would give it away to a coworker or family member. I always let them smell it first.

If it was so-so, I would give it a few wears. Otherwise I would swap it.

I have yet to receive a beautiful/gorgeous/out-of-this-world scent, but I would be happy to wear it.
3 years ago
My children gave me My Burberry edt. I cannot stand the sweet pea note. Otherwise, it is lovely. The first perfume they have bought me, and I loathe it. Oh dear.
Re: Fragrances gifted to you, you don't love 3 years ago
If it was awful: Until now, I can remember only one fragrance I just couldn't stand (not so much with taste, but rather migraines I couldn't avoid). Since it was by a family member, I told them so, and they took it back to use it for themselves.

If it was something that does not quite go with me: Some were, but I found it out only after several years had passed. I tried to wear them, regardless of the gifter because I did not want to waste them. In the end, I gave them away, also because these were discontinued and still had fans, apparently.

If it was beautiful and something I always wanted: I am too impatient to wait and would buy it myself as a gift. If I was gifted a Diorissimo Extrait now and it if smelt like the vintage EDC/EDT, I would be very happy.

@Trucklady: That's a real shame. Sometimes one seems to get accustomed to certain notes after a while, perhaps there is a chance for you as well with the sweetpea note? Or some notes seem to be toned down when not worn on the skin.
2 years ago

I joined Parfumo recently, and as I've been transferring my collection/notes/etc. from That Certain Other Website, I've been thinking of the numerous perfumes I received as gifts over the years (I think all of them from my mother or my mother-in-law). None of them were ever quite my style... I think because it's turned out that I have slightly unusual tastes, or at least tastes that haven't aligned with theirs. They've all been objectively lovely fragrances (for example, D&G The One) and I appreciated the sentiment behind the gift, but despite my best efforts, they never really felt like me.

In any case, I always wore them several times to give them a good try, then eventually gave them away (or sold/swapped). Better that they find a good home with someone who'll enjoy them properly!

10 days ago

Oh god the amount of ones my relatives have given me over the years mostly from Avon, here we go...


Latin Sensation

Maimi Party




Tommy Girl Sun Kissed (Just didn't do it for me I tested it on my skin too sweet just no so I pretended to act like I liked it)

Oh and my aunt seems to think I like Charlie Blue I do not and yet she's given me three bottles of it.

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