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Help someone fall in love with me

Help someone fall in love with me 8 years ago
Next week I'm going to take a trip to another town (actually 2) in Sweden to meet a guy a I have known and talked to on the phone for a quite long time
I can't decide which perfume to wear, so I decided to ask for some recommendations here
Which perfume should I wear to get the guy fall in love with me?
I want tips from both perfumes I have in my collection and those from my wish list (so I can buy a new perfume, yay!) - or something else you thinked of?
Good luck 8 years ago
to meeting the guy in real life.

There is no guaranty that you two will get on together, but ... there is no harm in trying.

From your collection, I'd suggest "Miss Dior Cherie" which is sort of safe and easy to wear.

Buy a new and gorgeous perfume, "Poeme" by Lancome, which is really long lasting, and (in spirit) hoping that your relationship shall be long lasting, too.
8 years ago
that's a fun topic Esoada! First of all good luck with the date!

I've given this some thought (for myself lol),

It seems a fact that most people like sweet(ish) scents, so Miss Dior Cherie is a logical choice. Perhaps even more important is that you have to wear something that is comfortable to you!

Don't wear Knowing. Unless you want to impress him by showing how tough you are Very Happy

Last 3 random perfumes that I liked on a woman:
-a boozy perfume from a certain celeb (makes me wanna get closer)
-a lily perfume (40+ colleague, smells serious, clean and classy)
-a fresh modern floral/green feminine (somewhat like be delicious, clean/sporty)

And from your wish list I like:
"Organza" ( Very Happy )
"Chance Eau Fraîche"
"Brit for Women"
"First" (If you wanna go all 'N° 5' on him lol)
"Paris" (I think it's girly in a good way, if it fits you)
8 years ago
Esoada, I don't know enough ladie's fragrances to vote for a fragrance from your collection or even your wish list.

But for what you are up to I think you should have a high class animalic musk in store: "Musc / Muskiris"
8 years ago
collection: "Oriens"
wishlist: "Dolce Vita"
8 years ago
For this mission I would wear Ivoire by Balmain, the new one, I love it, not too far from Miss Dior Cherie or Elie Saab, gorgeously romantic
8 years ago
Perhaps you can try one of the Chanel Chance Perfumes. When I was in my early twenties, I liked ''Anais Anais" very much.
8 years ago
A few thoughts:

Whatever you choose, wear only that perfume during your stay. Make it the scent of you, don't confuse his memory with other fragrances. Then when you depart, leave behind a piece of clothing with your scent on it.
In light of the above, don't choose a popular, mainstream fragrance.

Try to avoid very opaque/overwhelming scents that he may have a negative reaction to. I find tuberose and jasmine are big offenders in this regard.

If you can, figure out what kind of scents he likes on a woman. In my experience guys generally fall into two groups: those that like women to wear 'feminine' scents, and those that react to 'mysterious' scents they may not have smelled before.

Either way I hope this goes well for you. You can't really make someone fall in love, but perfume is certainly an important aspect of romance. Wink
8 years ago
Then when you depart, leave behind a piece of clothing with your scent on it.

hahah, hilarious! I guess I support this advice Smile
8 years ago
I'm gonna meet him tomorrow
I decide between "Miss Dior Cherié" and "Siren"
What do you think I should wear?
I have 7 Victoria's secret body mists too
I will take with me 1 bodymist and 1 perfume
8 years ago
Go with your own intuition an pick a perfume Smile
8 years ago
Currently my perfect 1st date perfumes are subtle but effective- Philosophy Amazing Grace & Oilily original ( which you should be ale to find in Sweden). Or A neroli based scent either Chloe eau de Fleures Neroli with a bit of Kiehl's Original Musk is available...makes you irrestible!!!
8 years ago
I was wearing "Miss Dior Chérie" and VS body mist
My date was good, he liked my perfume and so on...

Best thing is I know that he likes me, says that I'm a nice girl
He is my first serious relation, and I like him a lot too
I hope we are gonna meet again soon
8 years ago
Thanks for the follow up Esoada. I was becoming quite interested in your story of potential romance. Now the question is: do you keep wearing that first date perfume that he likes, or do you start mixing it up a bit? Now that you've met and he likes you, it's probably not such a fraught issue.
8 years ago
I have just met him one time
I can ask him which of my perfumes he likes the best!
8 years ago
I'm glad to hear the date went well Smile
8 years ago
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