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What do you think about Yuzu Man by Caron?

What do you think about Yuzu Man by Caron? 10 years ago
There are no reviews yet, but I guess some of you have already sampled it.

It's basically a citrus/wood-scent, which is probably not the most popular genre, but IMO it belongs to the better offerings of that kind. The quality is there.

On the other hand, people might have been expecting something more unusual from Caron.

What's your take on Caron's latest release for men?
10 years ago
Hm, I tested it and it was not too disappointing. You cannot expect anything else from Caron except something very conservative.

Yuzu is extremely discreet, a fine summer scent for those who do not want a big load of refreshment but rather a slight citric aura.
10 years ago
A bit of a yawn.

It´s nice but nothing special. A shy little citric fragrance with a fruity touch, that´s all.
Caron was once a house that created daring (and not at all conservative, IMO) fragrances like "Yatagan" or "Poivre" aka "Coup de Fouet". Over the years, especially after hiring Richard Fraysse, the company lost almost all it´s reputation.

Time to retire, Monsieur Fraysse!
10 years ago
I was not terribly impressed. A nice safe fragrance for someone afraid of perfume.
10 years ago
Just a nice scent.
8 years ago
A shy citrus fragrance, it does not develop itself fully. I would expect more.
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