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Something with a sweet resinous raspberry

Something with a sweet resinous raspberry 8 years ago
I really love Balmain's "La Mome", but it's a limited edition and very difficult to find nowadays. Any suggestions for something similar, with a dark yet sweet and resinous raspberry note? Thanks. Smile
8 years ago
"No. 10 - Une Rose Vermeille" by Tauer Perfumes is sweet, thick and yummy. I am not good on notes, but raspberry is listed.
8 years ago
Have you tried Givenchy Hot Couture Collection No 1? This is the higher quality & original version of Hot Couture edp. I don't know if you've tested that one, but it has a dominant, raspberry note that I would define as "syrupy" but still manages to be refined and sophisticated, it smells very well-blended to my nose.
8 years ago
Here's a cheapie raspberry beret, Floralisme by Gres is all that. It's a well crafted number from a highly reputable perfume house, not to my taste, but I did wear it several times and the dry down is very refined, based on their Cabotine which has been in circulation for yonks.
8 years ago
I agree with Hot Couture and Un Rose Vermeille.
4 years ago
Byredo; Rose of no Man's Land
3 years ago
Also rather cheap and really raspberry scent is Abyan Rasasi
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