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Your favorite classic Eau de Cologne?

8 years ago
I'm a bit surprised but my statistic says that Asprey's "Purple Water" is the Eau de Cologne I have worn the most (I don't count in Eau de Guerlain which is more like a complete perfume for me).
8 years ago
I love Eau de Sud, my third bottle arrived the other day and I said 'Baby I've missed you' Now, how can you get that attached? My bottle came in the male shape because it was half the price-and why? Yes, I know, but the subject is probably best left alone
8 years ago
Just now I have gotten a bottle of "Original Eau de Cologne" by Farina Gegenüber - an old one, I think (not as shown here but green)
in a nice wooden box with attached description in calligraphic lettering. Quite nice!

I just wanted to ask - does anyone know how long ago was manufactured in this form? Anyway, will remain wondering whether this is his real aroma or over time something is lost.

However, there is much beauty in it, mostly I sense a wonderful touch of neroli (I think) very gentle and ethereal (milder and more noble than in 4711, say) but, right now, nor notes, neither lightness I can't decide because I have already wearing a really powerful one.
I love them! 8 years ago
I really love classic Eau de Colognes.

Acqua de Genova. Tart/sour opening with a lovely lime in the citrus accord, then herbs, with a more floral heart than many others of the genre. Beautiful. A classic.

Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Sicilia. Only launched in the late 1990's. My absolute favourite. Bright citrus with petitgrain, shot through with a very refreshing bitter green streak which I always think is cypress. Very effective in lifting the spirits.

Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia Concentrada. A Spanish Cologne. Inexpensive. Robust and artisanal in style. Juicy citrus, lots of herbs, and geranium. Splash/spray with abandon. A feel good Cologne.

Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet Eau de Toilette. A Cologne by any other name. Citrus, herbs and pine, terrific. Elegantly masculine and stylish for the girls too.

and many others........
Just discovered 8 years ago
Je Suis Un Homme, by ELdO. A cologne alike fragrance with a hint of leather behind. My best cologne for spring and summer nights out.
8 years ago
One that serves as bait for girls?? Laughing
Tempest - Al Kimiya.

Will serve well for both of us, but now she knows you are in!!
Good point to start my approach!!
8 years ago
I associate eau de cologne with mornings. I am interested to hear how others see it.
I often use Apres L'Ondee in the modern EDT as a morning fragrance, it has that dewy feel, even if it doesn't scream hesperidic
8 years ago
My personal favorite is about as classic as you can get. I always have a bottle of this at my bathroom sink for myself and guests.

8 years ago
I forgot to mention Eau France by Molinard, a great splash in the 4711 category
8 years ago
"Tommy Girl" by Tommy Hilfiger
2 years ago

Acqua di Parma Colonia Pura. The original colonia is must try and all the other flankers as well.

Nishane 1 year ago

Colognise EDC

1 year ago

Not a classic but my favorite is Helmut Lang EDC.

Favorite Eau Di Cologne 12 months ago

Hands down my favorite is Acqua Di Selva. That lemony minty foresty brilliance is just classic

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