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Ormonde Jayne Discovery Set

Ormonde Jayne Discovery Set 8 years ago
Just ordered and can't wait for it to arrive. discovery-set.html

Anybody ordered this before?
8 years ago
Interesting. But the URL doesn't work for me. What samples are in the set?
8 years ago isfarkand-eau-de-parfum-975.html

For some reason the Discovery Set is under an Isfarkand URL. Strange.
8 years ago
I have this discovery set Smile … it is beautifully presented and I've tried a few of the fragrances … I need to make some time to go through them meticulously for review! I really like Ta'if and Orris Noir ...
Orris Noir... 8 years ago
"Orris Noir" is a very interesting perfume. It has literally been on me for three days with two showers in there. I've neverhad a fume stay on for more than one day. I think the top and middle are pretty boring. I'm timing it now to see how long before the base begins. I may want to add it to my wish list.
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