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Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret 8 years ago
Which perfumes and body mist from VS do you like?
8 years ago
Having recently been to VS and tested them all, I can say none. How bout you?
8 years ago
I have (body mists)

Endless Love
Love Spell
Mango Temptation
Simply Breathless
Strawberries and Champagne

I dont have a VS perfume yet, but I think I will buy one soon
I have seen Love Spell in Eau de Parfum, and they have other interesting perfumes
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8 years ago
I like Love Spell,Coconut Passion ( very nice cheap option when I want to smell like a coconut cream pie!) Laughing . I also like the Heavenly line pretty well, and Very Sexy is okay ( though the name is totally stupid...). Rapture is okay if you like rich older style floral orientals like White Diamonds and Black Pearls. I really love some of the ones they've semi discontinued, So In Love ( a lovely rose) , Basic Instinct ( a sort of warm , ummm,slightly skanky? earthy floral?), and the long gone garden line .
8 years ago
Victoria's Secret have a store in Stockholm now (started in october)
I will buy a perfume there, so I can test all perfumes when I decide
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