Foren-Übersicht Men's Perfume Which women's perfumes can be worn by a man?
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SleuthSleuth Which women's perfumes can be worn by a man? 09.12.2014, 15:27
Which perfumes, sold to women, could men wear?

I'm asking this question since the opposite question is also asked at the women's section of the forum. In another topic it was discussed what a man should smell like. Obviously people are different with different fragrance preferences and comfort levels.

Which " women's perfumes", do you think, would be suitable, interesting, fun or seductive for a guy to wear?

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ScentimentalScentimental 10.12.2014, 04:19

SPRING: Aimez-Moi EDT, Amazone, Armani, Azuree, Casaque, Coriandre, Cuir Cordoba, Dioressence, Dhajala edp, Givenchy III, Gucci No 3, Intimate, Joy Parfum, Kingdom, Leonard by Leonard, Miss Dior, Mitsouko, Moment Supreme, Parfum de Peau, Rose Poivree, Sensuous, Vacances, Vivara, Vivre

SUMMER: Absynthe, Bronze Goddess, Bigarade, Calandre, Cucumber, Eau De Givenchy, Eau De Patou, Rochas Eau Parfumee, The Vert, Extreme Envy for women, Extract of Limes, Grass Oil Cologne, Tendre Poison

FALL: ACCENTI, Aphrodisia, Badgley Mischka, Capucci de Capucci, Chanel 5, Chaos, XS Extreme, Féminité Du Bois, Fendi, Habanita, Hot Couture collection #1, Knowing, La Perla, Ma Liberté, Moods, Oblique, Paloma Picasso, Quadrille, Rumba, Salvador Dali, Strip, Theorema, Woodhue, Y, Yohji

WINTER, 24 faubourg, Absolu Alien, Alien Essence Absolue, 100% LOVE, ANNE KLEIN II, Arpege, My Sin, Bal a Versailles, Balahe, Bandit, Black Cashmere, Boudoir, Cuir de Lancome, Dune, Helmut lang, Hypnotic poison, Midnight Poison, KL parfum, L'Arte di Gucci, La Nuit - Paco Rabanne, Le Feu D'Issey, Le baiser dragon, Lolita Lempicka, Magical Moon, Magie Noir, Moschino, Mystere, Obsession, Opium, Organza Indecence, Poison, Shalimar, Tabu, Youth dew, Amber Nude, Zen......

This is a short list that can be expanded as I don't place gender on many fragrances. I wear what makes me happy which leaves hundreds of thousands of fragrances open to me. However, you must follow your tastes and decide on a comfort level or as I often say "Be yourself...Everyone else is taken".

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SleuthSleuth 10.12.2014, 13:31
That's a lot to consider!

P.S. When you use the 'reply' button at the bottom, your text appears without being quoted.

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TarTar 12.12.2014, 16:24
Let's see, what do we have:
"Memoir Woman" - Amouage (oriental woody)
"Be... Romantic" - Avon (aqua + fruit)
Incandessence Blossom - Avon (apple + earthy)
"Only Imagine" or "Flor Violeta" - Avon (green and dry)
"Outspoken Fresh" - Fergie (smoky)
Instinct for Her - Avon (green, fresh, fig)
Ambre Gris - Balmain (amber, powder, vanille)
Alluring - Boadicea (hard to describe, autumn fruits with honey and resin)
Rose Infernale - Terry de Gunzburg (hmmm... sushi?)
Rouge Nocturne - Terry de Gunzburg (spicy rose)
Terryfic Oud - Terry de Gunzburg (killer metal oud)
Acqua Fiorentina - Creed (best apple + water)
Patchouli - Durance en Provance (yes)
Au Lac - Eau d'Italie (autumn walk fragrance)
Roses Greedy - Mancera (really greedy)
"Rose Anonyme" - Atelier Cologne (cold rose, long lasting)
Ambra - Etro (totally unisex, dry)
Sauvignonne - Ginestet (like Batucada with a cup of wine)
"Haso-no-hana" - Grossmith (old, complex)
1826 - Eugénie de Montijo - Histoires de Parfums (mountain, autumn, cold violet)
Chocolat - Il Profvmo (manly erotic chocolat)
Acqua Santa - Linari (water + linden)
"Parfum Couture Denis Durand" - M. Micallef (cold rose + hot oud)
Masaki Matsushima fragrances
"Reve d'Ossian" - Oriza L. Legrand (spicy, herbal)
Eau Suave - Parfum d'Empire (leather + wood)
"Inspiration de Payard - Pistachio Ganache" - Payard (salty pistachio)
Bluebell - Penhaligon's (extreme bluebell, strong, complex)
"Lilt" - Rouge Bunny Rouge (chypre)
"Brume d'Hiver" - Volnay (salty oud)
"Sottile" - Yosh (spicy lily-of-the-valley)
Enjoy your meal Laughing

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Coffee12Coffee12 23.12.2014, 14:12
Black Orchid
Sahara Noir

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