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Masaki Matsushima

Masaki Matsushima 7 years ago
If you click on the "Website of" from here it goes to Did they change their company name? I love their "M" (2005), but want to find out more about it.

Thank you if you have any info about them or their fumes.
7 years ago
I think Panouge has the license for making Matsushima's fragrances, they have other brands too.

P.S. I would be interested in reading a review.
7 years ago
The link of Panouge is put in because Masaki has no sole website for fragrances.
7 years ago
Panouge means Perfumes of a new age (in French) and revives several brands.
7 years ago
What about Matsushima's unisex scents and men's fragrances, are they any good?
7 years ago
I would encourage you to give a try to the female categorized fragrances of Matsushima as well.

"Shiro..." is categorized as for female, but I think it could be easily worn by a gentleman, too. It is a bit synthetic, but it suits perfectly for sport or daily wear.

mat; is also quite fresh and unisex, mint, bamboo and tea is quite pleasant there, it smells as if fruit salad and vegetable salad (as aloe vera or cucumber) would be mixed with cocoa.
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