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Period-after-opening symbol?

Period-after-opening symbol? 8 years ago
Its simple quesion " If I have a perfume with 36M printed on its bottom and its manufactured at 2010 and Its intact ( its with Cellophane) I didn't open it .till now 2015 does that mean it's expired.?
8 years ago
I have had perfumes that changed after a year and others that seem to be the same after 10 years. Generally, I would say that most perfumes are usable for 5 years and more if stored in a dark place without much temperature change.

Open it, try it and you will know!

Only very few perfumes "age" like a good wine by getting more concentrated over the years. Some simply loose fragrance while others get an unpleasant rotten smell. Also, flocculations may be visible.
8 years ago
Also, flocculations may be visible.

I just learned a new word! Smile

I can see myself going back to the shop, complaining to the S.A. about the flocculations...

- "Sir? inocculations?? ovulations?? United Nations?!?!?!?"
8 years ago
PAO symbol or Period-after-opening symbol
"the period of time after opening for which the product can be used without any harm to the consumer"

Source: Wiki oc
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