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Particles inside the perfume?

Particles inside the perfume? 8 years ago
I want to ask about some perfume when look to it through source of light I see little threads white color swimming insid the perfume
What that's meaning ?
8 years ago
I'm no expert, but I'll tell you what I know. Well, it can mean different things.

Sometimes it's normal, because perfume has all sorts of chemicals at high concentrations. I had that with "Dune pour Homme". So it's normal for that one and I've seen it with other perfumes too. Sometimes the threads and colours go away of you move the bottle gently. But personally I don't care, I don't shake my bottles! Smile

Other times it can mean that your fragrance has deteriorated, it's gone bad. How old is your bottle? I had one bottle from 1990 and someone put it in the window sill. Wrong decision! It was ruined and it smelled sour.. I couldn't see the colour but I expect that it had changed too. -- But also new fragrance can go bad, for example if you expose it to heat or sunlight. I had a tester vial of "Encounter" and I cleaned it with warm water. Immediately the colour changed. So if you expose your fragrance to heat or sunlight, it can go bad. With threads sometimes.

But... If there's only a little bit of threads and it still smells good, then No Problem. Smile
8 years ago
Like sleuth said, it can mean different things. Sometimes particulates can form over time. If the scent still smells like it should I wouldn't be concerned.
8 years ago
Thanks for replying everyone
The age of perfume is about 6 years but the smell so good and its longevity and sillage are perfect.....indeed .
OK question was because of I read in some articles about the (fake pefumes ) and it's a sign of imitation .on authentic one .......
Thanks again
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