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Oud oil samples available at uk 7 years ago
I'd like to draw your attention to an offer that I received via mail today: is offering a sample pack of drops of 3 different oud oils for 20 £. It is one of the rare occasions to get to know natural oud oil without having to spend lots of money.

Some years ago, I ordered a sample pack from this site and I was very satisfied with it. It gave me the opportunity to find out about the "real thing" and get an understanding that oud oils can considerably differ from each other. ples/newly-arrived-pure-oudh-sample-pack
7 years ago
That's cool. I would get it if they delivered to the US. I love natural oud. It is totally different than synthetics. Have you tried Cartier's Oud and Oud? Though Western, I feel that there is real oud in it.
7 years ago
Have you tried Cartier's Oud and Oud? Though Western, I feel that there is real oud in it.

No, I haven't.

There are numerous oud perfumes around that user the synthetic oud blends as offered by IFF, Givaudan and others.

There are only some very rare cases of high-priced oud perfumes by Western houses where they seem to use natural oil instead of substitutes. I would say that Xerjoffs "Oud Stars - Zafar" could be counted in. My impression of Zafar was that some good quality oud oil was stretched by other woody notes. Given the high price tag I think one can get better value for the money elsewhere.

Since you describe Cartier's "Les Heures Voyageuses - Oud & Oud" as having a barnyard smell it might very well contain natural oud oil. Actually many perfume lovers dislike natural oud perfume when they find out that it has a fecal aspect.

I suppose the Cartier Ouds are aimed at the Arab market and will stay extremely niche in the Western world.

BTW, if you prefer (natural) oud as a spray instead of oil, the Dubai based brand Ajmal has good and reasonably priced offers. I can recommend their "Dahn Oudh Al Shams". I wear it quite often.
7 years ago
The website said they ship internationally but when I went to place the order it said that they can't ship to me. So sad Sad
7 years ago
I love Ajmal and most of the other Arabian brands, though they don't always use real oud either, which is ok. Their prices are usually pretty good.

Does Kurdjian use real oud in his trio of ouds? I smelled them and they are more natural than most others.
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