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The best Keiko Mecheri?

The best Keiko Mecheri? 6 years ago
wich is the best keiko mecheri frag?
6 years ago
I am a huge fan of Ume (a thick, gorgeous fragrance, all about plum and spice and woods), and I think it is far and away her greatest creation.

But I also like Cuir Cordoba (which is very similar to Lutens Daim Blond to my nose), and Scarlett (a bracing, herbaceous angelica and spice fragrance).
6 years ago
Peau de Peche - happy, clean.
Datura Blanche - powdery, almond, coconut, so it is sweet and also happy (so far the best Keiko Mecheri for me)
Attar de Roses - cola + tea rose, a very weird and pleasant mixture.

I would say, they are worth to try. In my opinion Keiko Mecheri's creatures are usually happy and nice fragrances Smile
6 years ago
Dear Hamraz,
I wholeheartedly recommend you to try these beauties:
Attar de Roses, Mogador, Damascena, Isles Lointaines, Peau de Peche, Ume,
Loukhoum, Loukhoum Eau Poudree, Loukhoum Parfum du Soir
6 years ago
Mogador and Grenats stand out for me.
2 years ago
For me, Loukhoum (all versions), Ume, Peau de Peche (if you can get an older bottle)... Quite a few other ones of you like gourmand scents, Lunea is lovely.
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