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Mystery vintage men's cologne

Mystery vintage men's cologne 5 years ago
Hi. I am looking for a vintage men's cologne that my grandfather wore. Unfortunately I don't remember the name but vividly remember the bottle. I'm hoping someone will read this and know what it is. I believe the bottle was flask like in shape. It had what I would call a blue faux leather wrapper around most of the bottle. The faux leather was a bumpy texture. The was gold writing with the name, I believe in cursive running diagonally I think. Then there was a little bit of plain glass up to the top which was gold in color.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
5 years ago
Hi, these are missing some details you mentioned, it doesn't look remotely like these, though?

Edited to add: Ah too bad, thank you for your reply, Rmdudley.
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Thanks 5 years ago
Thanks Annessa but they are not the ones
Pretty hard to guess 5 years ago
you are asking us to guess your grandpa perfume without providing adequate details Sad at least you should mention the brand name. I wish you luck with your search though Smile
If I knew 5 years ago
If I knew the brand name Smile I wouldn't have had to post anything. I was hoping someone might recognize the bottle based on the descriptions I have. Thanks for your reply Sad
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