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Why do perfumers use these days such heavy bottles?

Why do perfumers use these days such heavy bottles? 5 years ago
Okay, maybe not relevant for all members here....
but why o why do owners/creators of a perfume-brand use the last few years such heavy bottles ?
I love to make decants for my perfume-friends but so many heavy bottles these days and most of them leak also, which rarely happens with lighter weight bottles. Yes I'm aware that design is important ( commercial) but when you are making decants and you can barely hold the bottle and it's leaking too ( I'm talking about perfumes above 150 euro's) this is such a waist of the fragrance and also annoying .
5 years ago
I am not dealing with fragrances in that price range, so I might not be the one to comment, but I understand your pain, especially with leaking! If they aim for the feeling of 'quality' using heavy milk bottle-like glass and metal caps instead of slim bottles (and perhaps plastic cap), the leaking sounds more than embarassing in that effort... so, it's again more about keeping up appearances.
I could imagine some people saying, they are meant as handy means of self-protection. Sounds as if they are rather meant to be displayed than actually used? I can only hope that the trend will take another direction...
5 years ago
Of course you can comment @Anessa. Personally I think it's shameless to pay € 180,- for a bottle just because of the appearance. I buy the fragrances because of the liquid not what the bottle looks like. They are stored in a dark cabinet behind closed doors. Some ( bit) cheaper fragrances have the same issues. It might be trending to make heavier bottles but if you can barely hold them while spritzing it's a waste of getting the bottle out of the closet. The same with the leaking part. If friends ask me for a decant I know that I have to make a choice between wearing that specific fragrance for that moment or wait with making decants, simply because of the leaking issues.
5 years ago
I understand the problem and also your annoyance, Parfummaniac, and I am sure you are not the only one with this. It is bad enough when even with much less expensive fragrances, I refill an atomiser, or just try opening a tiny sample vial with these hard plastic caps, and then spill it on my fingers, hands and on my desk... besides losing most of the content, if a fragrance is not to my liking, the hands 'reeking' of it is another matter.
Being off topic, I had to think about those glass jars for facial creams, and some have such unneccesarily heavy, thickened bottom, multiple times the weight of the actual 30ml or 50ml cream... rather unhandy, and only takes up space wherever you want to store them, it's not like it would need that weight so we won't have it 'flying around' in the drawer. Does anyone actually appreciate such containers as signs of 'high quality' and means to justify the high price, I wonder (as if every heavy glass was close to leaded crystal)?
4 years ago
To my mind, the thicker the glass the better - obviously up to a reasonable point! Perfume is costly, sometimes uw drop the bottle or it gets hitten with something - the logic couldn't be simpler. See my review of ~Lua~ by Xerjoff. Not one single one of my 'fume bottles would I say is of too-thick glass. Perhaps Gucci's ~Because it's You~ is just about right ... or maybe even that could do with being just a tad thicker!

On the other hand, there is the solution favoured by Montale & Hervé Gambs: use ^metal^ flaca!
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