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What are some best vintage perfumes for women? 4 years ago
What are some best vintage perfumes for women?
4 years ago
4 years ago
Are all these for women?
4 years ago
On a website like this, there is often a great deal of debate about assigning perfume to gender. Some people say there is no right way to assign perfume to gender, others say there is; and sometimes the debate can get ^very^ heated! I personally think there are no 'for men' or 'for women' perfumes; but far be it from me to start yelling at someone who thinks there are! Unless they start ^strongly^ telling me that I ought not to wear some perfume or other.

So I am, in a way, about the worst person to ask whether these perfumes are for women. But I think someone who ^does^ care about that would probably say that in that list you ask about some are ^definitely^ for women; that some of them a man could possibly wear; and that some are pretty much equally balanced between being a man's & being a woman's perfume. Some might even say that some of them are actually properly a man's perfume, and that they have been wrongly listed as woman's perfume. This kind of thing is quite normal if you have ^any^ long list of perfumes.

But it can be a touchy subject, this, 'man's' perfume versus 'woman's' perfume!
4 years ago
I share Quercus' view on this matter and also his observation on this topic. Seems to be controversial like any other subject which deals with one's belief in some way, strongly depending on the person's background (cultural, generational etc.), and as such, one of those issues where some people indeed tend to become rather emotional (for the reason above, and I assume also because for these people, it's tied to the question of their own identity/the feeling of security based on their view of 'balance' in the world).
But this would be better suited to the other thread dealing with this in specific.

As to your second question, Ashrita: As you can see on Cincy's linked page, not all of them are. If the gender assignment isn't clear enough in the description, you can quickly check on Parfumo Wink
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