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Rance 10 years ago
Does anyone know this house?

And what do you think about it?

I have fall in love with it... it ticks all the boxes of my taste Cool

I own Josephine the other 3 did not strike me as much)
and Courronne. Couronne
Thinking of getting the eau de noblesse for lesse

I think I got addicted to this house LOL
10 years ago
Very good and interesing brand. I have the "Francois Charles" in my collection which is a noble alternative to Gaultiers Le male, due to its benzoin touch.

The Eau's are very discreet and a bit conservative. They do not match with the general taste.
10 years ago
an alternative to Le Male is just what I am looking for. Da man is a one scent kindaguy and he just discovered le male(yes.....bless his heart poor thing Wink )
ans I really have wanted to find something similar that isn´t ....well le male if you know what I mean.
thanks for the tip Apicius
10 years ago
I got laetitia for xmas and I am crazy for it!
10 years ago
Laetitia is a very good labdanum-patchouli scent. I have only tried a couple but recall that this one was very good and similar to Reminiscence Eau de Patchouly.
10 years ago
I like this house too. I own 3 samples from them and all 3 are very beautiful and unique perfumes:

"Laetitia Millesime" is sensual, earthy with lots of patchouli
"Helene" is my favorite, a very creamy floral oriental (tonka bean, jasmine and ylang ylang, very pretty)
"Rue Rance Eau de Fance" - unisex citrus vetiver, very refreshing

I'd like to test more from Rance in the future
10 years ago
I notice we all have something different from this house, can we send a scent kit around with a sample of each we have?
10 years ago
Jubilant, Lula may has a few I did sent her last week.
Bloodflower could contact her for you and then do the pack thing Smile xxx
10 years ago
I have a sample vial of Francois Charles, which I think is my favorite of those that I've tried so far. I just love the fresh herbal aspect of it. I thought Josephine was elegently beautiful when it dried down. But unfortunately for me I was to impatient to deal with the sour notes I expereinced before I ever got to the that dry-down.
10 years ago
Anyone else up for this?
10 years ago
I have Laetitia Millesime, Josephine, Eugenie and new one from Etolies collection - Pres de toi Smile

Love all of them! Bottles are so elegant and classy and they smell divine!
10 years ago
I tried some of them in a store but I didn't like them. Those I tried had a cologne touch...fresh, herbal and revitalizing. To me they didn't seem like "perfumes"...But, I got some samples that I have to test at home again with more time.
10 years ago
I liked Rance well enough but I'm not quite sure what I would add to my collection. I like fragrances to jump out at me. Nothing of what I've sampled was a must have.
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