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GsavGsav Best web shops for samples 16.03.2013, 22:19
Hello peoples,

all of us are here because of one main reason, we all LOVE perfumes. This wonderful hobby has only one drawback and that is it's cost.

When you are at the perfume store, you can test only so many before it all gets mixed up. And, in all that shopping panic you may choose not quite the perfect scent. The scent might've had great opening, but there was not enough time at the store to fully develop on your skins.

As an undergraduate student biking to school I would often stop at a fragrance store and try a new scent. That way I would have time during the day to savor it and decide if it will be on my wish list. When the day to buy fragrance would come, I would just hope the lady at register will be nice enough and let me rummage through her samples before she chooses a random one.

Today, married with a baby, times changed Very Happy. No more time like I use to have. So I find samples are the best way to go in my scent discovery quest.

So far I have found these online stores to be pretty good:

So the question is: Where do you get your samples?

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DalmajenDalmajen 16.03.2013, 22:43
Hello Gsav..and Welcome! Yes, samples are a wonderful way to discover new fragrances, and new loves, or even dislikes. I firmly believe in samples, as things today are very expensive..and as you pointed out, you have a family, and other things you must make priorities. The two sites you listed are very good for samples. I see you reside in the U.S...so you are also lucky to have many wonderful stores to try fragrances. Lucky scent is a very good online sample store, and this is also a good site for samples.. http://theperfumedcourt.com/ You can also order decants as well as samples). Compare prices etc., and if something attracts your attention, by all means, get a sample!

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PipettePipette 16.03.2013, 23:41
There is a place www.FragranceVials.com which is not bad, they have quite a few Bond No. 9 scents.
I have dealt with them a few times and various Codes made discounts:
Mick15 = off 15%, save10 = off 10% the entire order.

Disclaimer: This User is not affiliated with FragranceVials.

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ApiciusApicius 17.03.2013, 00:28
I used to order lots of samples from Firstinfragrance which is the leading online store for niche perfumery in Germany (they have an English site and they ship worldwide). And they have lots of perfumes!

Unfortunately they became a bit expensive with their samples, and at times, they also handle sample orders with priority B unless you order a full bottle of something along with your samples.

Today I rather spend time in some very good perfume shops that I find along the way, and I take my time to thoroughly test fragrances at these places. Also, other perfumistas have send samples to me with a request for a review. (I sometimes do this vice versa).

Well, not everybody has excellent (niche) perfume shops nearby. Actually, I believe Parfumo would never have grown without the possibilities to buy samples, especially as offered by Firstinfragrance.

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RosecatRosecat 17.03.2013, 00:31
I get mine from
Www.theperfumeshoppe.com they also do decants as well!
www.ausliebezumduft.de have given me geneourous sized samples.

All fantastic customer service Wink

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NerysNerys 14.05.2013, 10:43
At www.fragonard.com/ you can buy sets of minis etc I bought one of florals coffret naturelles 7ml 5 bottles and got free 3 towellette samples which you get to choose at check out.

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FlavoriteFlavorite 15.05.2013, 11:40
Walking into Nordstroms recently I was given 8 generous sampls from the Diptyque counter along with 4 Tom Ford Private blend deluxe samples just by asking for them.

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CincyCincy 15.05.2013, 13:14
Yes Flavorite, Nordstroms is the best for giving samples. I do miss that store. I came out of there with 18 samples a couple of years ago.

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MiaTrostMiaTrost 21.01.2014, 10:30
I've always been happy with sample size and service provided by
- Aus Liebe zum Duft / First in Fragrance (DE)
- Essenza Nobile (DE)
Samples are smaller but excellent service as well at
- Neroli (HU)
- Lulua (PL)
- Süskind (CH)
- Luckyscent (US)

And in Oz there is a decent sample shop also, I learned; courtesy of ZeZe.
- Scent Samples (AU)
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SweetgrassSweetgrass 21.01.2014, 11:10
eBay has been a good place to hunt for samples that might not be otherwise available, but I have since learned to scour the perfume houses' websites for samples or sample packs, even. They are often cheaper that way, for instance a whole sample pack from Atelier Cologne cost only 15€ (or $20 in the US) and contains 13 perfumes as of now. (Sadly no Cédrat EnivrantCédrat EnivrantSad)

I just recently placed an order with http://surrendertochance.com/, they seem to have a good selection. Don't know yet what else to think until I receive my order. I have been looking at stuff from Lucky Scent (AFAIK they still ship samples to Finland) but haven't yet tried anything...
I have also gotten a lot of samples from generous swappers and individual perfume sellers. Smile

There is also a place called fragrancenetsamples.com and a) it doesn't seem to have anything to do with FragranceNet and b) it took them six weeks to ship my order. I have never had to wait for a sample order from the US for longer than two weeks and I am pretty patient w shipping. Buy at your own risk.

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TessaTessa I checked these too 22.01.2014, 15:55
Luckyscent.com by all means!
Twisted Lily-Niche perfumes at affordable price.

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TnahowruTnahowru dangerous thread... 22.01.2014, 18:08
Read/follow at your own risk.

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TnahowruTnahowru myperfumesames.com 24.01.2014, 21:55
Somebody above mentioned this one, so I ordered this week and got them today. This may be the best samples site.


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DemiDemi 18.08.2019, 11:02
For the Benelux I advise parfumaria.com.

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SilverfireSilverfire 18.08.2019, 20:15
As of mid 2019 for the US at least, great service and shipping time from luckyscent.com, twistedlily.com, and surrendertochance.com. Luckyscent does current stuff, and Twisted Lilly has current and fragrances just out of production.

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