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What perfume is this?

What perfume is this? 3 years ago
Does anyone recognise this perfume?
3 years ago
I'm not much help but I have to say, that bottle is stunning! Now I'm curious as to what it is.
3 years ago
I don't know this perfume either, but I agree, the cap looks very specific, like an iceberg or monument, some I've seen in Scandinavian cities.
Perhaps from late 80s-90s?

The second part, the last name of the designer I assume it to be, reads as "Lund" to me.
The first name looks to me starting with a K? Then an I, and an "er" at the end...
Any fashion designer who sounds familiar to you, MrsGuerlain?
3 years ago
Found out that it is pour femme by nino cerruti ????
3 years ago
"Nino Cerruti pour Femme (Eau de Toilette)"

Surprised Great, his sign must've been obvious to someone who's more fashion-conscious than I am.
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